Art by Dave McKean

Porcuswine are the result of selective genetic manipulation by the early settlers of Bit O' Heaven, Jim's homeworld. Regular sheep and cows had a very short life expectancy on this harsh world and so porcuswine were the only livestock capable of defending themselves and establishing a foothold. The porcuswine's body is covering in hundreds of barbed quills. Although these quills lay flat against the back and sides of the creature, when startled, angry, or frightened, the quills spring outwards, making it very difficult to injure a porcuswine without suffering significant damage. The quills are barbed and remain embedded in the attackers flesh, where they cause great pain and discomfort. Although the quills are not vemonous, they are often laden with disease causing bacteria, and infected wounds are a common occurance. Many attacks on porcuswines end with the predator running away while whining and pawing at the quills embedded in their flesh.

Porcuswine are, however, quite delicious, and provide the galaxy with the finest ribs, smoked hams and McSwiney's burgers. Their quills are burned as a sort of folk remedy or incense.